The goal:
Travelling as sustainable as possible for one month

How are we going to do this?

Low Car Diet is the behavioral campaign and mobility competition in the Netherlands where employees exercise more for a month and travel as consciously and sustainably as possible (to and from work).

  • deelnemers


    50 companies and almost 10.000 participants

  • co2


    Reduction of 100 tons of CO2 in one month

Participate in 2022

Now that the 2021 edition is over, we are starting preparations for 2022. The exact date for the campaign is not known yet, but what we already know is that if your organization participates, there will be an enthusiastic activation team to recruit as many employees as possible in the month prior to the Low Car Diet. This is followed by the press conference where employees of your organization will meet their opponents and where the national press will report. At the start of the Low Car Diet 2022, we ensure that all participants are well prepared and the competition starts; everyone tries to travel as sustainably as possible for a month.

The Fynch Smart Mobility app measures all CO2 emissions, and therefore an intermediate ranking can be drawn up every week. On the last day of the Low Car Diet, the participants reunite for the festive award ceremony. Naturally, the Low Car Diet team guides the process from A to Z and does everything possible to maximize the enthusiasm and results. Below you will find the seven steps that we will go through during the event.

Would you like more information about the results and experiences during the 2021 edition? Check out our community platform!

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